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Conference on “The Future of Iran”

The Coalition of Iranian Opposition Groups (CIOG) Cordially invites you to join us in the Conference on “The Future of Iran” At the George Washington University, Betts Hall, On Saturday June 9, 2018, at 2pm.

The distinguished speakers attending the Conference will be discussing the future of Iran, including the issues of human rights, as well as how to establish an alternative system of governance for the country, which would be acceptable to both the Iranian people and the international community.


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The Honorable Donald Trump,

The President of the United States,

We, the undersigned, respectfully petition you not to allow the terrorist Maryam Rajavi of the Mujaheddin Khlaq (aka MEK) to enter the USA.

We remind you that MEK was responsible for the killing of American ...

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1979 Iranian Revolution History

Not any more.

Our nation has now risen up and is loudly and uncompromisingly demanding an end to this dark chapter of its history and to herald in freedom, prosperity and peace for its current and future generations.

To the heroic Iranian nation our message is one of admiration and humility

We are an historic nation and our roots are deep. Our ancestors’ slogans of think good, say good and do good are today the essence of human spirit and the desire of all those peace and justice loving people who believe in the unity of humankind.

Despite all these historical facts, for the last forty years our nation has been subjected to the horrors of a reactionary and despotic regime that has attempted to stifle its very basic human and civil rights.

We will free our beloved country from the claws of this brutal and despotic regime and will rebuild it with the power our love for it!

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